loose plumbing pipes - noisy pipes - faulty main valves

Loose pipes and noisy pipes can be a big headache if they are not correctly installed. You might have faced this problem in the past. Sometimes this problem occurs only at night or while the hot water runs, which can be disconcerting! Noisy water pipes can sometimes irritate you so much that you can hate to run the tap to get a glass of water. The other family members will look to you to find a solution to the problem. To solve the noisy pipe problem, you should study the root cause of the problem. There can be many issues that cause this problem. Typically they are as follows:

Noisy Pipes, Loose Pipes, & Pipe Cracks

Sometimes water pipes get damaged due to constant wear and tear. Pipes are built to bear maximum pressure and force of water. If they are made of low-quality material, they will not last long dealing with high water pressure. You can find your home’s water pressure points by examining the entire water flow system. When possible, one has to go inside the house and look for any damage to the pipes. You need to listen and look carefully at pipes when the water is flowing through them. Half of the problem gets solved once you know the area where the pipe has got damaged. You can then call the plumber and tell him the exact issue.

noisy washing machines, faulty main valveWashing Machine Problems

A washer is an essential component in every house that directs water flow. At times, they get worn out due to the constant water pressure. So when someone runs the tap, they hear a whistling sound that comes out of the pipe. You can then call the plumber and remove the washer to check its condition. If the washer is the root of your problems, you should replace it.

Problems in the Main Valves

Sometimes the problem with the pipes can be traced back to faulty plumbing valves. In this case, you may hear the noise coming from any place in the house. The remedy for this problem is to repair or replace the valve as soon as possible.

noisy toilet | loose pipesToilet Ball Clock Assembly Problems

If you hear a rattling sound after flushing, the problem might be in your toilet’s ball clock assembly. Sometimes the ball clock assembly just gets worn out, and you need to remove the toilet tank and examine the ball clock assembly. If the whistling sound stops as the toilet tank fills, you need to replace the ball clock.


There can be many more reasons for water pipes. Some of the problems mentioned above can be treated without the help of a plumber. If you lack confidence in fixing things yourself, you can contact Murrieta Plumber. You will be able to find a trustworthy and expert plumber who can fix your problem at affordable prices. We are experts on faulty plumbing valves and pipes.

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